Fire Jon Barry Broadcast Breakdown January 15th (Spurs vs. Jazz)


This broadcast was relatively innocuous from JB perspective, but, like a band putting out a bad record that ends up with a great tune, he managed to fit a few truly spectacular gems into an otherwise, for him, middling performance.

Jon Barry gets right into it, talking about Richard Jefferson.

“How about Richard Jefferson? Left for dead the last couple years, here he is starting every game for the Jazz”

It’s impossible to watch the Jazz and thinks it’s in any way whatsoever good that they are starting Richard Jefferson every night at the 3, unless you are pulling for them to drive the tank and end up with the highest draft pick possible in the lotto. It becomes clearer and clearer that Jon Barry doesn’t really watch basketball when he isn’t calling a game.  Sometimes dead is better.

This is my favorite exchange in the entire broadcast, and one of my favorite all-time Jon Barry moments. Pasch is asking Jon Barry to comment on what makes the Spurs a “player friendly” system.

DP: What is it about this system that makes it a player friendly system?

JB: They win.

DP: That’s like a Waltonism.

JB: I am just saying they win. The system is bigger than it’s players. We are looking at HOF players here. And Popovich will yell at them of the team like he will at the 12th guy on the bench. It’s about winning, playing the right way, and having good people here, and that starts at the top.

Not that they play beautiful offensive basketball, with very clearly defined roles that allow guys to come in and immediately become part of a bigger whole, that they move the ball and move without the ball like no other team in the NBA, that they play some of the most beautiful basketball in the world, nope. The Spurs are good, according to Jon Barry, because Pop yells at the stars as much as he yells at the scrubs.

This next clip is the weirdest thing I have seen Jon Barry say. Pasch plugs the 30 for 30 on Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, and JB starts reminiscing about Nancy Kerrigan crying after being assaulted. He is a frightening combination of wistful and condescending. It’s JB’s Buffalo Bill moment.

I remember that cry. Why tim? Why? Why Tim? So, so weird.

And that’s pretty much it. Normal broadcast for JB, save for the #analysis of the Spurs winning system and recalling the lowest moment of a person’s life with a weird mix of glee and smug.

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