Fire Jon Barry – For His Awful Bracket Advice

There are so many reasons to Fire Jon Barry.  We are completists here at FJB, so we make sure to cover as much of the dumb shit that Jon Barry says as we can.

Here we have Jon Barry being filmed for a segment in which he is purportedly giving advice on how to fill out your bracket.

True to form, he begins his advice by putting a series of sentences together which make absolutely no sense:

“Picking out an NCAA bracket, there is no rhyme or reason”

(Much like most of JB in-game analysis)

“As I’m coming off another victory last year at my golf club”

(A victory in the NCAA pool?  Or winning the round of golf?  Like much of what JB says during a broadcast, it’s unclear.  I guess he is establishing his credentials as a person who has won something in the past, so that we know to trust what he has to say??)

“I got a tip from Danny Ferry back in December”

(Playing golf in December?  I don’t understand)

“That the Michigan Wolverines were a final four team.  They fell flat on their face for a while”

(Wait, they made the Final Four.  What do you mean they fell on their face?)

“But I stuck with them.”

(#loyal like Kobe)

“SO (VIGOROUS FINGER POINTING) Any tip that you get from somebody that should know, take it, and don’t think twice.”

The finger pointing creeps me out.  Cool out JB.  I believe the irony that his Bracket Tip is to ask someone or listen to someone who actually knows something about basketball is lost on him.

“Good luck, I hope you win your pool.”

I don’t believe you Jon Barry. Video below proves this happened.

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