Jon Barry and The Horizontality of Verticality

The NBA today released the memo they provided referees about calling the “verticality” rule correctly (PDF).

This is fantastic news for all fans of the NBA, but particularly those that pay close attention, watch every night, and want to know how a play should be called correctly so that they won’t be wrong on Twitter when it comes up.

The above memo contains links to video clips which show how the rule should be called moving forward.  Short version is dudes need to be straight up, not twisting to the side and sort of straight up.  It’s worth clicking and reading though, pretty cool that the NBA is sharing this stuff.

Suffice to say Jon Barry has no idea how the rule is supposed to be called.  Watch below.  There are literally zero other people on earth who would say that Mason Plumlee is going straight up.

It is huge that the NBA is releasing these memos, as we no longer have to rely on Jon Barry to communicate how something should be called.

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