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Fire Jon Barry – The Replacements

I don’t want to be the guy who just complains about something without suggesting alternatives – something inherently Jon-Barry-like about the laziness of that approach. I do want Jon Barry fired, though. Since I do, probably makes sense to suggest some options if the Fire Jon Barry movement is successful. (Keeping it upful and rightContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry February 7th Broadcast Breakdown (Blazers vs. Pacers)

Jon Barry was in rare form on this night, hitting on all of the things that he does that are super annoying, multiple times. Doing this breakdown, I learned that Mike Tirico doesn’t like Jon Barry one bit. Mike Tirico, we here at FJB are on your side! Aight, let’s get right down to it,Continue Reading

Fire Jon Barry – The Patterns Emerge

Watching Jon Barry closely over the past month, has taught me a couple things.  It feels a little weird to actively campaign for someone to be fired, no matter how awful they are at their job.  Also, Jon Barry is totally awful at his job.  I have been watching and waiting to pounce when heContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry March 5th Broadcast Breakdown (Hawks Vs. Blazers)

Back with another Fire Jon Barry Broadcast breakdown, getting my Rust Cohle Storage Shed on. (Getting a lot of “you have too much time on your hands” or “you are obsessed” comments on the Fire Jon Barry efforts, but whatevs, once I get on a case, can’t let go until it’s finished.) The night startedContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry February 23rd Broadcast Breakdown (Rockets Vs. Suns)

We are back with another Fire Jon Barry Broadcast Breakdown installment, evaluating the February 23rd Jon Barry telecast of the Houston Rockets vs. the Phoenix Suns. Jon Barry is in playoff form here, showing us why he scores low in all the criteria we can use to objectively analyze announcers. First of all, he consistentlyContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry February 28th Broadcast Breakdown (Pelicans Vs. Suns)

I posted the criteria I think should be used to judge whether an announcer is good or whether they are Jon Barry, and I’ll be using those criteria to evaluate Jon Barry during his telecasts. The first one I am going to break down is the exciting Pelicans/Suns matchup from Friday night, which Jon Barry,Continue Reading

NBA Announcer Six Sigma Evaluation Tool

The whole point of this site is to get people on board with the fire Jon Barry because he sucks movement.  I think it’s clear why Jon Barry sucks as an announcer, but wanted to delve deeper into what makes an announcer great, and why Jon Barry fails so completely.  I think it’s possible toContinue Reading

Jon Barry < Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr, to me, is like the Anti-Jon Barry.  He does an excellent job explaining the game, provides insight, and is at least open and willing to learn about analytics and apply them to the game and his job. This interview with Steve Kerr on the analytics revolution from @crabdribbles is fantastic, cool to seeContinue Reading

Jon Barry Sucks – Bold, False Claims Edition

Fire Jon Barry is a movement that has been underfoot for quite some time.  It always cracks me up to see just how many long, thoughtful, reasoned articles are written after a basketball writer gets pissed after listening to Jon Barry make some bold, unsubstantiated claim. I came across this article which eviscerates JB forContinue Reading

Jon Barry: Failure to Communicate the Rules

One of the primary responsibilities of an announcer is to clearly communicate the rules to viewers.  Jon Barry, obviously, fails at this over and over. There was a controversial ending of the Rockets Suns game on 2/24.  You can read the write-up of the rule, how it was called erroneously, and what should have happenedContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry Misfits