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Fire Jon Barry? Yes, Please. But Why?

I am going to lay out the case for Jon Barry to be fired from ESPN.  Why you ask?  Good question.  Haralabob, while watching Jon Barry one night, and, presumably, becoming overwhelmed with frustration, set up a contest to see who would make the best site dedicated to pushing for Jon Barry to be fired.  So that is the primary reason.  I want to win the contest.

But there is more to it than that. I have long been a fan of great announcers.  My childhood was spent listening to Joe Tait call Cavs games.  Personal politics aside, Joe Tait was a truly spectacular announcer.  He painted a vivid picture of the game.  He was colorful.  He was relatively insightful.  The Cavs telecast features the hilarious Austin Carr providing color commentary.  He is like the most positive dude you can ever listen to.  He says funny things.  It makes you happy to listen to him.

Then there is Jon Barry.  Jon Barry is a disease.  He is a scourge.  He is a pox.

He is a holdover from the past – a time when networks paid players to become announcers just because they were players.  Not because they had anything to say, were particularly insightful, were great storytellers, or provided anything of value during the telecast.  Just because they had done the job that they were all of a sudden paid to watch and explain.  This is a mistake.  Broadcasts are going to change in the next decade.  The NCAA championship football game this year had multiple broadcasts where you could choose what you wanted to listen to – coaches breaking down tape, regular broadcast, etc.

If given a choice, do you think anyone would actually opt into listening to Jon Barry?

It didn’t matter so much when the average fan wasn’t able to read intensive analytical discussions on players, coaches, teams, and the game of basketball.  This newfound wealth of information, made possible by lots of super smart people becoming interesting in and writing about basketball, has made the old-school announcer, like Jon Barry, obsolete.  Austin Carr is one of these dudes, by the way.  He is just a positive, happy guy, and he makes the games entertaining.  He brings something to the table.

I don’t hate Jon Barry, as a person.  I do think he is pretty douchey.  He is super negative.  He takes potshots at players all the time.  As a Cavs fan, I sat through him lambasting Lebron for his immaturity while Lebron was doing things that nobody had ever seen a kid do before, and now ESPN has provided me with an opportunity to listen to him rip on Kyrie Irving.  It’s like he knows that all he can do is trash players, as he isn’t very good at explaining the nuances of the game.

It is my plan to use this site to lay out, piece by piece, just why Jon Barry no longer has a place on ESPN, should not be beamed into our living room, and should be fired.

Also I am going to win the damn contest.

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