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Jon Barry and The Miami Heat


The dumb shit that Jon Barry has said about the Miami Heat is a fascinating microcosm of just how completely out of touch he is with analyzing the game of basketball.  It’s shocking.  This interview with the Miami Herald contains so much stuff that JB continues to spew.  This interview, which happened because Heat fans were so tired of Jon Barry ripping them, deserves it’s own post.  So let’s get to it.
First of all, Jon Barry gets his NBA news from Chris Broussard.  That is how he keeps his finger on the pulse of the NBA.

“I am aware of it because Chris Broussard goes on the radio in South Florida and said, ‘They think you hate the Heat,’”

Then he demonstrates how much of a dick he is.

“Because I don’t pick them doesn’t mean I hate them. Every fan of teams – if you don’t pick them, they call you a hater. If they win this series, I’ll still go to sleep at night.”

Ok, Jon Barry, good to know you aren’t going to lose sleep if the Heat win since you didn’t pick them.  Was wondering.

Some of this is the benefit of hindsight, as we know that Lebron and Wade figured everything out, but JB still offered up some hot sports takes on LBJ and Wade:

On his comment that James and Wade don’t make each other better:

“When one guy is doing something, does that make the other guy better? Just because LeBron can break his man down, that doesn’t help Wade. They play well together, but I don’t think it enhances their games. I don’t think LeBron is any better today than he was four ago because of Dwyane. At the end of games, both need the ball.”

And now, the most important tidbit of all, a perspective that Jon Barry continues to hump at every possible turn:

I don’t feel their team is as a good now as it was last year. I like Mario Chalmers, but they still need pieces to be a championship team. They have never addressed the center position. They have no interior presence, not a lot of depth. Teams that win have great depth.

THE DEPTH CARD.  Having the best player in the game doesn’t matter come playoff time.  Having a power forward who is an absolute menace doesn’t matter.  Having a scorer who can take the pressure off the best player in the game from time to time doesn’t matter.  Putting excellent shooters and disciplined role players around those guys doesn’t matter.  Because there is NOT ENOUGH DEPTH.

Upon reflection, I am guessing this obsession with “Depth in the playoffs” comes from the fact that Jon Barry was basically depth during his career.  He thinks every team needs The Alternatorz.  He is, as always, wrong.

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