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Jon Barry Sucks – Bold, False Claims Edition

These dudes: Prob not winning because of their defense.

These dudes: Prob not winning because of their defense.

Fire Jon Barry is a movement that has been underfoot for quite some time.  It always cracks me up to see just how many long, thoughtful, reasoned articles are written after a basketball writer gets pissed after listening to Jon Barry make some bold, unsubstantiated claim.

I came across this article which eviscerates JB for talking about the Knicks “winning with better defense” from last April.  Spoiler alert: The defense had nothing to do with it.

Jon Barry and The Miami Heat

The dumb shit that Jon Barry has said about the Miami Heat is a fascinating microcosm of just how completely out of touch he is with analyzing the game of basketball.  It’s shocking.  This interview with the Miami Herald contains so much stuff that JB continues to spew.  This interview, which happened because Heat fansContinue Reading

Tired Cliches

One of the reasons we need ESPN to fire Jon Barry is his continuous overuse of tired cliches. Check out JO Applegate’s awesome comic about this below.  A 6 panel comic is worth like 6,000 words, at least.

Fire Jon Barry Misfits