Fire Jon Barry Broadcast Breakdown January 31st (Warriors vs. Jazz)


This broadcast is must-watch TV for the Fire Jon Barry movement.  JB uses the entire arsenal of horrendous analysis.  He is pretty much on fire throughout the broadcast, on a spectacular run of annoying that put Phil Simms and Reggie Miller on notice.  JB is the king.  The broadcast features head-scratching analysis of “screen and rolls” which feature no rolls, playoff depth, some JB jerkishness, a cry for help, an interview with Karl Malone, and the glowing compliment of “He… really… un…derstands the game of basketball.”

“I feel like people forget that Bogut was a #1 overall pick.” More accurately, Jon Barry didn’t remember this until seeing the fact sheet that the production crew gave him before the game.

More Bogut. “This guy has an understanding of the game of basketball” ahah. Quite the praise for Bogut after he made a beautiful pass.

Talking about Rudy Gobert: “This guy is big!” Jon Barry, clearly taken off guard by the fact that Rudy Gobert is big. Literally the only remarkable thing about Rudy Gobert, as an NBA player, is his size. It’s his only NBA attribute. This would be like seeing Jimmer Fredette and saying “This guy can shoot off the dribble!” and being surprised by that.

Here we have a report that some Jazz dudes were out with gastric distress. Jon Barry says that he has gastric distress every day. Then he adjusts and just says he has distress every day. This is a cry for help.

Jon Barry interviewing Karl Malone (which, overall, was pretty painful, I am actually grateful that Karl Malone doesn’t call any games). Of note here, Jon Barry makes a crack about hating playing against Karl Malone. Karl Malone just chuckles. He clearly didn’t give much thought to playing against the vaunted Jon Barry. I broke this clip out because Jon Barry does the annoying thing of adapting the dialect of the person who he is talking to. He is asking about Steph Curry, Karl Malone says he played with Del, and JB busts out a “Del could shoot it too, nah.”

Screen and Rolls. Here we have a screen for Steph Curry. A screen. Not a screen and roll. JB calls it a screen and roll. More on this later.

Jon Barry busts out his depth conversation. He is infatuated with depth in the playoffs. Depth doesn’t matter in the playoffs. Having the best players on the court matters. The benches shrink. JB can’t see beyond his own experience. Which is fine. Unless you are paid to provide insight.

I love this clip, because first Jon Barry calls it a screen and roll. Then the production crew queues up some video, which clearly shows Bogut set the screen, but then he doesn’t go anywhere (i.e. he doesn’t roll). So, this is a screen. Not a screen and roll. Trey Burke was getting eaten alive, and the Jazz did refuse to have the big man hedge on the screens. But this isn’t a screen and roll. Defending Steph Curry is no joke. There are any number of things a defense could try and do, but Jon Barry really only ever thinks there is one, which is to have the on-ball defender go over the top of the pick, and have the big hedge. At least I think that is what he wants to have happen, it’s hard to understand what he wants. “Whoever is covering Bogut needs to be on Bogut, and then, you know Steph Curry is one of the great shooters in the game, you’ve got to be there!” So the “whoever is covering Bogut” is Rudy Gobert, who looks totally and completely lost because he has to be guarding Bogut outside of the paint, and often seems to have zero clue as to what’s happening on the court. I think Tyrone Corbin is an abysmally bad coach. I have watched a handful of Jazz games to do these recaps, and Tyrone Corbin consistently is out of timeouts at the end of the game, which has a huge impact on close games. Frustrating to watch.

This one had a little bit of everything, a true arrow in the quiver of anyone who wants Jon Barry to be fired.

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