Fire Jon Barry – For His Awful Bracket Advice

There are so many reasons to Fire Jon Barry.  We are completists here at FJB, so we make sure to cover as much of the dumb shit that Jon Barry says as we can. Here we have Jon Barry being filmed for a segment in which he is purportedly giving advice on how to fillContinue Reading

If David Kahn Can Do It, So Can Jon Barry

Checking out the NBA twitter today, I came across this gem: — Zachary Bennett (@ZacharyBD) March 19, 2014 David Kahn, teaching a course on “the Art of the Deal.”  Bet there won’t be a lot of Wolves fans in the room for that talk. Having David Kahn teach a course on the Art ofContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry Broadcast Breakdown March 17th (Clippers Vs. Nuggets)

This broadcast featured the absolute worst thing I have heard Jon Barry say yet, taking a bigoted shot at an NBA legend.  A brutally ugly game between the Clippers, who were on a SEGABABA and also playing shorthanded in the Denver altitude, and the struggling Nuggets, featured a ton of Jon Barry Mouth Gems.  TheContinue Reading

Jon Barry Makes Fun of Dikembe Motumbo’s Accent

Because he is a dick.

Fire Jon Barry Broadcast Breakdown January 15th (Spurs vs. Jazz)

This broadcast was relatively innocuous from JB perspective, but, like a band putting out a bad record that ends up with a great tune, he managed to fit a few truly spectacular gems into an otherwise, for him, middling performance. Jon Barry gets right into it, talking about Richard Jefferson. “How about Richard Jefferson? LeftContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry Broadcast Breakdown January 31st (Warriors vs. Jazz)

This broadcast is must-watch TV for the Fire Jon Barry movement.  JB uses the entire arsenal of horrendous analysis.  He is pretty much on fire throughout the broadcast, on a spectacular run of annoying that put Phil Simms and Reggie Miller on notice.  JB is the king.  The broadcast features head-scratching analysis of “screen andContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry – The Replacements

I don’t want to be the guy who just complains about something without suggesting alternatives – something inherently Jon-Barry-like about the laziness of that approach. I do want Jon Barry fired, though. Since I do, probably makes sense to suggest some options if the Fire Jon Barry movement is successful. (Keeping it upful and rightContinue Reading

Fire Jon Barry February 7th Broadcast Breakdown (Blazers vs. Pacers)

Jon Barry was in rare form on this night, hitting on all of the things that he does that are super annoying, multiple times. Doing this breakdown, I learned that Mike Tirico doesn’t like Jon Barry one bit. Mike Tirico, we here at FJB are on your side! Aight, let’s get right down to it,Continue Reading

Blake Griffin Dunk in Traffic

When Jon Barry doesn’t announce the games, stuff like this happens.

Top Rankin’

Finally took over the top Google result for “Fire Jon Barry” with our widely credited piece about the Jon Barry F-Bomb extravaganza. #traction

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